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Best PG in North Campus, Delhi University

Being at home is one experience and being away from it, is an adventure that you have dreamt about.
Leaving home is like a roller coaster of emotions. From being excited about being independent, you become nervous to start things alone. However, you are not alone, we got your back. You can stop worrying about finding a safe and cozy place to stay, and doing your daily chores because Orion Hostel is the ultimate destination and most preferred PG in Delhi University.
Orion Hostels provide you with all the things necessary and fun. We believe in providing comfort, enabling growth, having joy, and creating memories.
Just like Orion in the night sky, we strive to be the one to stand apart in the student housing industry by not only serving the physical well-being but catering to the psychological aspects as well. That’s why we are widely known as the best pg of the North Campus, Delhi University.

Why Choose Us ?

PG Accomodation in North Campus Delhi
Your search for the best PG in North Campus, Delhi University, ends here. We have everything that you need and beyond. We are not a regular PG with just meals and bed. Here you’ll bond and grow with other individuals through our recreational zones and community activities because we take care of your comfort and growth and entertainment.

Our services will help you navigate your college life easily. We take care of all your worries from sick days to messy rooms. Worried about where to exercise? Free gym subscription is provided to help you meet your fitness goals.

Want to hear another best part? We offer drop services to your college! To ensure that you eat fresh food during your college hours, we’ll deliver lunch to the college. That sounds good, right? So, stop looking now! Stay at the Best PG of North Campus, Orion Hostels.

The idea of entering the North Campus of Delhi University is Fascinating. One should considering a lot of factors while deciding their accommodation.

The ideal preference is to find accommodation near the college. A Safe Place caters to the basic need of food and comfort for the students. Availability of good hangout places nearby, fitness centers, markets, and healthcare services.

Orion Hostel turns out to be the best PG in North Campus because of the prime location of all its properties. From being in the immediate vicinity of North Campus, the properties are situated in safe localities with educated and good gentry, you’ll find a plethora of hand our places and eateries around Bungalow Road and Hudson Lane which are a short walk away. One of Delhi’s biggest markets, Kamla Nagar is adjacent. The premium location of Orion Hostel legit makes it one of the best places to stay in North Campus.

Room Facilities

Spacious area for you to live, laugh and study 😉

Common area

We provide you with an excellent space for your evening siestas and festive celebrations.


Different types of rooms for you to pick the right fit for you


our accomodations


Frequently Asked Questions

Orion Hostel provides 4 meals daily to its residents, including breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. There is also a facility to book lunch delivery at college.

We serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Both are cooked in separate kitchens and utensils maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

Rooms at Orion Hostels are cleaned on a daily basis. The housekeeping team takes care of the room, washroom, and property cleaning. 

All the properties of Orion Hostels are in the immediate vicinity of North Campus colleges. For our residents’ convenience, we provide a drop facility to North Campus colleges and nearby metro stations during morning hours.

he laundry service is available twice a week. There is no limit to the number of clothes one can give for laundry.

You are required to submit 2 months’ rent as a security deposit. The security deposit, worth 1 month’s rent, is refunded after the expiration of your contract within a fortnight, and the balanced amount is adjustable.

Electricity will be charged per room at the commercial consumption rates of TPDL.

No, the rent mentioned on our website is inclusive of GST and all taxes.

All the PGs in North Campus are equipped with kitchenettes and utensils. One is free to cook at all times.

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About Orion Hostels

Orion Hostels offer PG in North Campus, Delhi University, which gives you all things necessary and fun for a stay that’s not only comfortable but memorable.

Come, book your room with us for an experience worth telling

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